>>> Thunderhill Raceway Results for May 13th, 2017 <<<

The family of Phil Jackson says THANK YOU! We raised $451 on raffle ticket sales & $290.15 from the helmets being passed through the grandstands. Thank you all for the prayers & to everyone that bought tickets or donated. May God bless you all!!

The staff at Thunderhill Raceway Park would like to thank all the fans and drivers who came out for our Southern All Star show; with 106 cars in the pits, we were set for some GREAT racing action .. and that is EXACTLY what we had!! Your support for our track is greatly appreciated. Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Mom’s!

Brad Skinner Finally Gets His First Southern All Star Win 

Brad Skinner won the 2016 Southern All Stars Cruise with the Champions/ rookie of the year , but did not win a race in his first year with the series and learned about life traveling on the road to different tracks using different set ups and what will work and will not. Move to 2017, and even though he had not run all the races due to crashing cars and having to wait on new ones to get ready he changed all that luck Saturday night at Thunderhill Raceway in Summertown, TN., in front of a standing room only crowd as the hometown favorite started on the outside pole and battled with another local favorite David Seibers of Chapel Hill, TN., side by side for the top spot till lap 12 when Skinner used lapped traffic to his advantage to take over the lead. Seibers was not the only driver to try and get Skinner during the 40 lap event, Dane Dacus of Lakeland, TN., came from his 9th starting spot and finished a car length behind Skinner at the checkered flag. Four time Southern All Star champion Riley Hickman of Ooltewah, TN., made a early challenge to Skinner and finished in the third spot. The drive of the night came from Austin Horton of Newnan, GA., who won the B Main then started 11th and work the traffic to near perfection on a track he had never seen till Saturday and came home in 4th place. Seibers still looking for his first Southern All Star win with the series when it visit’s the area faded late in the race for a fifth place finish.

Finishing sixth thru tenth were Josh Putnam, Oakley Johns, T J Reaid, Eric Hickerson, Dean Carpenter.

RACE TIDBITS: Points leader Bo Shirley did not attend the event and lost the series points lead. Austin Horton now has the series lead as well as the rookie lead, Horton also had flat tire during qualifying costing him a chance to qualify, he then went on to win the B main. T J Reaid is now in second spot in series points with Tristan Sealy third. Dean Carpenter of Coldwater, MS., made his return to the series after a long layoff. Jay Brinkley of Shelbyville, TN., also returns to compete with the series after a long absence. John Minon of Adams, TN., broke a brake caliper in hot laps then missed qualifying, B main but made it out in time for the feature event. Charles Sealy of Moultrie, GA., 60 year old father of Tristan Sealy was back in a race car this weekend and came home 14th. Ray McElhiney of Pulaski, TN., qualified 3rd but fell out with mechanical problems. Two drivers failed to start Mark Dowdy of Waterloo, AL., broke a driveshaft and Tommy Taylor of Lascassas, TN., lost a motor.

Skinner's Sponsors: Rocket Chassis/Dixon Plumbing/Lazy Hog Barbecue/Peterson & Sons/AFCO

SUNOCO RACE FUELS GROUP QUALFYING: Group A: David Seibers 12.216; Group B: Brad Skinner 12.209

PPM Race Products B Mains: Austin Horton

AR Bodies Last Car Lead Lap: Dean Carpenter

COR Suspensions 10th Place Finisher: Dean Carpenter

36 Racing & Fabrication Hard Charger: Austin Horton

Race Car Engineering Hard Luck Award: Ray McElhiney

BrakeOMeter 4th Place Finisher Award: Austin Horton

Results Pending Tire Test: 1.Brad Skinner; 2.Dane Dacus; 3.Riley Hickman; 4.Austin Horton; 5.David Seibers; 6.Josh Putnam; 7.Oakley Johns; 8.T J Reaid; 9.Eric Hickerson; 10.Dean Carpenter; 11.Tristan Sealy; 12.John Minon; 13,Jason Walker; 14.Charles Sealy; 15.Jay Brinkley; 16.Ray McElhiney; 17.Donald Johns.

DNS: Mark Dowdy; Tommy Taylor

2017 SOUTHERN ALL STAR POINTS STANDINGS: 1.Austin Horton 554; 2.T J Reaid 502; 3.Tristan Sealy 480; 4.Bo Shirley 466; 5..Eric Hickerson 442; 6.Casey Roberts 382; 7.Brad Skinner 376; 8.Clint Smith 302; 9.Tyler Crowder 246; 10.Brandon Overton 246

2017 CRUISE WITH THE CHAMPIONS/DIRTONDIRT.COM ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: 1.Austin Horton 554; 2.T J Reaid 502; 3.Tristan Sealy 480; 4. Eric Hickerson 442;

2017 AR Bodies Challenge: 1.Eric Hickerson187; 2.Brad Skinner 130; 3.Brandon Overton 106; 4.Josh Putnam 63; 5.Derek Ellis 35; 6.Jamie Perry 33; 7.Todd Morrow 31; Jeff Johns 30.

Hot Shot FWD:
1. #T44 Gerry LaRue Heat #2 winner Culleoka, TN
2. #95 Mike Dale
3. #22 Bubba Green Heat #1 winner
4. #07 Brian Vandygriff
5. #A1 CJ Neal
6. #7 Daniel Walls
7. #19 John McCloud
8. #K11 Jonathan Norman
9. #10w Randall Johnson
10. #11 Melissa Cothran
11. #6 Steph Gray 
 12. #21 Zach Daniels Heat #3 winner 
13. #14 Cordell Love
14. #92 Jenny Ralston
15. #78 Mindy Manning
16. #8008 Rachel Horn
17. #J3 John Harris
18. #76 Ryan Parker
19. #R10 Ryan Gray 

DNS:#03 Josh McMullin, #38 Dillon Frazier, #44 Justin Lovett

Street Stock: 
1. #76 Phillip Counts Heat #1 winner Mt. Pleasant, TN
2. #22 Michael Estes Heat #2 winner
3. #s4 Scotty Dial 
4. #71 Matthew Parker
5. # K12 Derek Reynolds
6. #54 Travis Newberry
7. #128 Garrett Estes
8. #54 Landen Daniels
9. #37 Seth Matheny
10. #70 Cheryl Shrader
11. #J11 Josh Vaughn

DNS: #7 Shannon Patterson

Kids Mini Cup
1. #G8 Brayden Gray Mt. Pleasant, TN
2. #14 Jaylyn Jo Floyd
3. #8 Bailey Walker
4. #88 Sara Belle Floyd
5. #28 Mason Odom
6. #44 Austin Burke

Austin Burke led the first lap, Brayden Gray led laps two thru four, Jaylyn Jo Floyd led lap five but it would be Gray six thru ten for his first feature win of the season

1. #T25 Bryce Trull Heat #2 winner Lobelville, TN
2. #c97 Tommy Carroll
3. #11 Ricky Cothran
4. .#12B Ron Bailey
5. #2 Dillon Scott
6. #45 Cord Primm 
 7. #L26 John Langford
8. #D21 Bradly Qualls 
9. #94 Oakley Gillespie 
10. #B87 Brock Hall 
11. #92 Blazz Trull Heat #1 winner 
12. #77 Nick Whitehead 
13. #20 Ethan Tanner

NeSmith Street Stock: 
1. #15 Trevor Woodard Heat #2 winner Mt. Pleasant, TN
2. #44 Joel Landers
3. #13v Kaleb Vandygriff Heat #1 winner
4. #13 Austin Blade 
5. #10x Jansen Woodard
6. #07 Nicholas Vandygriff
7. #27 Thomas Dale
8. #85 Clayton Groves
9. #33 Hunter Runions
10. #C4 Chris Gray
11. #M17 Trent McCrory

Mini Stock: 
 1. #4 John Duncan Heat #2 winner Columbia, TN
2. #99 Bobby Hickman, Jr Heat #1 winner
3. #7 Darryl Haywood 
 4. #222 Paul Teachout
5. # P10 Chauncey Parson
6. #16 Fletcher Lindsey
7. #91 Brian Brasher
8. #12 Kevin Staggs
9. #0 Nicholas Beadle
10. #86 Tony Estes

DNS: #1 Robert Dalton

2 Barrel/Crate: Qualifying time: 
1. #R01 Riley Hickman 12.657 
2. #28 Justin Maxwell 13.060 
3. #H17 Steven Holcomb 13.154 
4. #21M Cody Martin 12.751 
5. #69 Mike Henn 13.059 
6. #1B Greg Love 13.197
7. #1w Keenan Vandygriff 13.225
8. #A66 Alex Cerantes 13.748
9. #62 Jerry Baugh 13.305
10. #00 Justin Cross -0- 
11. #c66 Donald Johns 13.007 
12. #B1 Mark Dalton 13.890

Heat: 1. #R01 Riley Hickman 2. #c66 Donald Johns 3.#1B Greg Love 
Heat: 2. 1. #H17 Steven Holcomb 2.#69 Mike Henn 3. #21M Cody Martin

May 20th .. $1000 to win Mid-South Big 8 Street Stock (NeSmith) presented by Nashville Powersports … 25 laps … $50 entry fee

May 27th .. 2Barrel/Crate .. DOUBLE THUNDER .. 40 laps ($100 entry fee) $1000 to win the first 20 laps .. invert top 8 for second race running for another $1000.