>>> Thunderhill Raceway Results for September 3rd, 2016 <<<

We were hosting the Southern All Stars this week … BUT, we also had a benefit for Kat Woodard (who has colon cancer). If you have been around racing in this area you know who this lady is … (mother of Jimmy, Timmy , Doug and grandmother to two of the younger generation racers, Trevor and Jansen Woodard). Kat, our prayers and thoughts are with you daily!! Thanks to everyone who helped make this a success!! 

Hot Shot: 

1. #6 Chris Gray Heat #1 winner Mt. Pleasant, TN 
2. #57 Jimmy Hines 
3. #10 Randal Johnson 
4. #121 T.J.Mobbs 
5. #33 Hunter Runions
6. #J42 Justin Hodge 
7. #32s Josh Stansell 
8. #X Steph Gray Heat #2 winner 
9. #21 Randall Woodard 
10. #03 Josh McMullin 
11. #E13 Johnny Glass 
12. #K5 Michael Jacobs
13. #8 Payton Holland 
14. #‎11 Melissa Cothran 
15. #41 David Wallace 
16. #44 Ricky Grooms
17. #13 Cordell Love Heat #3 winner 
18. #T44 Gerry Larue 
19. #M5 Dewayne Glass 
20. #10 Timmy Gray 

DNS: #5 Jessica Clawson 

After two restart and five cautions, it would be Chris Gray flag to flag for his first win in this class. 

Josh Putnam Scores Thunderhill Southern All Star Win 

The Southern All Star Dirt Racing Series made its second stop of the 2016 season to Thunderhill Raceway Park in Summertown, TN., and the standing room only crowd witnessed one of their favorites Josh Putnam of Florence, AL., set fast time in SUNOCO Race Fuels qualifying then battled through lapped traffic , a stop at the midway point due to a medical emergency that lasted over an hour, then a fierce battle with Gadsden, AL., driver Bo Shirley, till Shirley had the transmission yoke break ending night, after all that Putnam finally got the checkered flag and his second career Southern All Star win. 

Putnam’s put his Longhorn Chassis in his favorite spot on the fast ¼ mile high banked oval, but Shirley who was making his first ever visit to the track started to use the bottom side and worked his way around Skinner for the second spot and set his sights on Putnam. Shirley made several attempts to get Putnam off the corners but Josh used his track experience to take the $4,000 win as Shirley’s mechanical problems sent him back to a 12th place finish. Putnam was in a Longhorn Chassis sponsored by Jed Lamb Lawn Care/Wolf Pack Racing/441 Race Wraps/Jacob Edmondson Properties. Finishing in the second spot was another local favorite and his best run of the season with the series and that was Brad Skinner of Spring Hill, TN., third went to Eric Hickerson of Linden, TN., who started 17th as he broke and axle in hot laps and failed to qualify, fourth place was Ray McElhiney of Pulaski, TN., in his best career finish with the Southern All Stars from 12th and rounding out the top five was Southern All Star points leader Riley Hickman who came in during the red flag made adjustments to his car went back out and fought back to a top five finish. 

Sixth place went to Gadsden, AL., driver Dillon Tidmore who also was making his first visit to Thunderhill, seventh to Todd Morrow of East Ridge, TN., from his 14th starting spot, 8th place went to the May 28th race winner Mark Fields of Lawrenceburg, TN., who arrived late as his daughter was in a softball tournament in Murfreesboro, TN., ninth place went to Statesboro, GA., driver Jim Rogers who had a wild night as he lost his primary car over the back as the wheel came off, then had to go to a backup car start last in the field and still managed top ten run, and finishing in the tenth spot was Jason Markewitz of Green Hill, AL. 

The staff and management of Thunderhill Raceway along with the Southern All Star Dirt Racing Series would like to thanks the tremendous fan support that showed up this past Saturday night as it was literally standing room only as there was not an empty seat in the house. 

1. #212 Josh Putnam 
2. #17R Brad Skinner 
3.#98 Eric Hickerson 
4. #20 Ray McElhiney 
5. #R1 Riley Hickman 
6. #38 Dillon Tidmore 
7. #T1 Todd Morrow 
8. #F26 Mark Fields 
9. #71K Jim Rogers 
10. #37 Jason Markewitz 
11. #25 Joseph Faulkner 
12. #111 Bo Shirley 
13. #56 David Earl Gentry 
14. #F36 Cale Finley 
15. #713 Ben Brocato 
16.#18 David Siebers 
17.#33B Eric Cooley 
18.#83 Jason Walker 

NeSmith Street Stock:
1. #ip2 Joel Landers Heat winner Shelbyville, TN 
2. #15 Trevor Woodard 
3. #44 Will Burke 
4. #40 Kevin Pack 
5. #M17 Trent McCrory 
6. #10x Jansen Woodard 

Joel Landers led the full fifteen laps of this one in six-minutes with the only caution coming on lap five for the spin of McCrory in turn four. This was Landers third trip to victory lane at Thunderhill Raceway Park this season. 

Mini Stock:

1. #2 Dillon Scott Heat #1 winner Mt. Pleasant, TN 
2. #73 Dustin Halbrooks
3. #0 Willie McElhiney 
4. #23 Michael Giles
5. #7 Darryl Haywood 
6. #19 Steve Nave 
7. #24b Alex Cervantes Heat #2 winner 
8. #14 Bobby Hickman 
9. #99 Bobby Hickman, Jr 
10. #D23 Nathan Davidson 
11. #66 Bruce Odom

Only two laps in when caution came out for the spin of Haywood then on restart we went caution to RED as Hickman got into Cervantes coming out of four, Hickman, Jr also went to pits on this one (finishing the night for both father and son). Dillon Scott led green to checkered for his eleventh win of the season with Dustin Halbrooks hot in tow.

Street Stock:

1. #‎C4 Black  Chris Gray Mt. Pleasant, TN 
2. #78 Shane Workman 
3. #s4 Scotty Dial 
4. ‪#37 Justin Hill 
5. #77 Wally Walls 
6. #4 Cheryl Shrader 
7. #121 Clay Gilbert 
8. #22 Michael Estes Heat #1 winner

DNS: #32 Jackie McKennon Heat #2 winner, #128 Garrett Estes, #61 Casey Neal 

The first caution came on lap four as Gilbert spun in turn four then the second also, came on lap four as your leader from the drop of the green, Wally Walls spins in turn four. At this point Michael Estes takes over the lead and holds on thru lap eleven; then caution comes out as Estes and Gray hook bumpers, with the leader being credited for the caution and enough damage to send him to the pits. Gray led the final four for his eighth win of the season. 


1. #T25 Bryce Trull Heat #1 winner Lobelville, TN 
2. #11 Ricky Cothran 
3. #z76 Randy Zeigler 
4. ‎#B87 Brock Hall 
5. #92 Blazz Trull 
6. #15 Clay Collett 
7. # J73 Jason Kelley
8. #88 John Floyd
9. #L26 John Langford
10. #K3 Chance Kennedy 
11. #D21 Bradly Qualls 
12. #24 Dewayne Gray 

DNS:#94 Oakley Gillespie Heat #2 winner , #20 E Ethan Tanner

The time limit and six cautions on this one as Bryce Trull led green to checkered for his third win of the season. The two caution rule got both Kennedy and Langford. The final caution came on lap fourteen when Collett went over the back. Floyd spins at flagstand and collects Blazz Trull and Jason Kelley, who both retained their positions with Floyd being scored to end of lead lap. 

2 Barrel/Crate: Qualifying time: 

1. #21M Cody Martin 12.225 Christina, TN 
2. #2 David Earl Gentry 12.729 
3. #H17 Steven Holcomb 12.671
4. #22H Chad Harrah 13.191 
5. #1W Keenan Vandygriff 12.479 
6. #00 Justin Cross -0- 
7. #18 Aaron Miller 12.825 
8. #41 Rex Dunn 13.179 
9. #713 David Brocato 13.628 
10. #02 Mike Henn 13.469 
11. #13V Kaleb Vandygriff 13.035
12. #7 Joey Tohn 13.201
13. #1B Greg Love 12.620
14. #28 Justin Maxwell 12.597
15. #247 Jason Walker 14.274

DNS: #10w Jessie White 14.439 -

Heat #1: 1. #21M Cody Martin 2.#28 Justin Maxwell 3. #H17 Steven Holcomb 
Heat #2: 1. #1B Greg Love 2. #2 David Earl Gentry 3. .#1W Keenan Vandygriff 

Taking charge from the outside front row, Greg Love led from the drop of the green thru lap twelve when he encountered the lap car of Brocato that resulted in the leader and Maxwell having enough damage to put them out for the night. At this point the lead was turned over to Cody Martin who lead the remaining eight laps for his sixth win on the season at Thunderhill Raceway Park. The only other caution came on lap thirteen for Dunn. 

Mark Your Calendars!!! 

• Sept. 10th … NO races 
• Sept. 17th … $1000 to win Hot Shot FWD 
• FOR THE REST OF THE 2016 season … we will be giving away at least 2 bikes each race!! Anyone that would like to help with this, please contact us thru our Facebook page.