>>> Thunderhill Raceway Results for August 13th, 2016 <<<

Thunderhill Raceway Park would like to thank everyone that came out to make the Tony Simmons “Emod” Memorial Race a success. With Tony’s #14 car in attendance it brought back lots of wonderful memories of Tony and brought some old racers back to Thunderhill for a trip down memory lane. It was great to see the love and support from his family and friends. All of us at Thunderhill Raceway Park are so glad to have been able to call him “Our Friend”. He is GONE but NOT FORGOTTEN!! 

The big rain shower that came in around 5:30 did cause a delay in getting started; but thanks to all for hanging in there with us and making it possible to get this special race in, it really meant a lot to the family. 

As we prepared for this special event, our flag was flying at half-staff for Tony, Brian Clawson, and also for Tony Codgill (#976) who was laid to rest earlier in the day. R.I.P racers, our heartfelt sympathy goes out to these families as well as ALL the other drivers we have lost over the years. God Bless each of their families. 

Special thanks to Adam Strickland, one of Tony’s crew members who drove the #14 car around with the American Flag as we played the National Anthem. 

2 Barrel/Crate: Qualifying time: 

1. #98 Eric Hickerson 12.618 Linden, TN 
2. #00 Justin Cross 12.904 
3. #28 Justin Maxwell 12.645 
4. #13V Kaleb Vandygriff 12.783 
5. #1W Keenan Vandygriff 12.998 
6. #1B Greg Love 12.120 
7. #22H Chad Harrah 13.870 
8. #7 Matt Marrs 13.585 
9. #88 Cody Springer 13.163 
10. #247 Jason Walker 13.951 
11. #OF Farrel Skelton 12.906 

DNS#75 Charlie Ray Howell -0- 

Heat #1: 1. #1B Greg Love 2.#28 Justin Maxwell 3.#1W Keenan Vandygriff 
Heat #2: 1.#98 Eric Hickerson 2.#00 Justin Cross 3. #13V Kaleb Vandygriff 
Eric Hickerson led green to checkered in the 25 lap feature for his third win of the season in this division. 

Hot Shot: 

1. #33 Hunter Runions Duck River, TN 
2. #6 Steph Gray Heat #1 winner 
3. #3D Derrick Powell 
4. #13 Cordell Love Heat #2 winner 
5. #21 Randall Woodard 
6. #07 Nick Vandygriff 
7. #T44 Gerry Larue 
8. #67 Cameron McKisssack 
9. #8008 Rachel Horn 
10. #16 Jenny Ralston 
11. #J42 Justin Hodge 
12. #12 Taylor Odom 
13. #41 Justin Snitzer 
14. #‎11 Melissa Cothran 
15. #10 Randal Johnson 
16. #48 Justin Boshers 
17. #T3 James Wisdom 

Steph Gray took charge at the drop of the green and held on thru lap thirteen but it would be Hunter Runions the rest of the way for his third win of the season. The race finished under a red flag, white flag had already been given when Rachel Horn went over to check out the other side of the track. 

Adam Strickland brought the Tony Simmons #14 car back to the track as the pace car to start “The Tony Simmons Emod Memorial Race”, with all cars having a #14 flag displayed on their cars; we were ready for some great racing action .. 34 laps of it!! This division normally runs 20 laps so we added Tony’s #14 to it for the 34 lap total!! The green flag was given to the drivers by Tony’s daughter, Tiffany and granddaughter Natalia with his mom and the rest of the family behind the flag stand. 

The Simmons family donated a bike to be given away and it went to Ayden Cates from Columbia, TN. Tony loved the kids and when we had bike races he was known on several occasions to bring a bike and get out there with the kids. From the smile on his face he had as much or more fun than they did. We normally don’t list the winner of the 50/50 but thought it was very appropriate this week .. it was Tony’s mom .. Faye Davis. 

Emod: Qualifying Time: 

1. #20 E Ethan Tanner 13.834 Heat #1 winner Hohenwald, TN 
2. #07 Brian Vandygriff 14.200 
3. #94 Oakley Gillespie 14.600 
4. #s55 Brent Steele 14.246 Heat #2 winner 
5. #26 Jamie Richardson 14.910 
6. # J73 Jason Kelley 14.698 
7. #11 Ricky Cothran 14.654 
8. #K3 Chance Kennedy 16.193 
9. #92 Blazz Trull 14.874 
10. #D21 Bradly Qualls 14.326 
11. #c97 Tyler Wood 14.321 
12. ‪#‎B87 Brock Hall 14.937 

Fast timer, Ethan Tanner, led the full 34 laps to take home the first Tony Simmons Memorial trophy. Lap five saw three cautions, the first for Blazz Trull with a flat, the second (turned into a red flag, so it didn’t take off of their running time) for a three car pile-up (Ricky Cothran, Brock Hall & Chance Kennedy), the third when Kennedy got into Blazz Trull. After this, we had several single car cautions but we got all laps in, with time left over. 

• C & C Logging (#c97 Tyler Wood) $200, Jason & Melissa Markewitz $200 and Thunderhill Raceway Park $1042 .. made up first place … $1442 … and a memory mug (Cherry Photography) went to #20 E Ethan Tanner 

• Fast Time .. $100 Buffalo River Resort, Lobelville, TN (#T25 Bryce Trull), $100 Springer Racing (#88 Cody Springer.. 2Barrel/Crate) , and from the Simmons family a special clock .. went to #20 E Ethan Tanner 

• Hard Charger Award (driver that gains the most positions) .. 2-Hooiser G60 tires from Maury Farmers Co-op (Bruce Odom) went to #T25 Bryce Trull who started in 13th and finished in 3rd. 

• Bad Luck Award (we had several with bad luck) but #B87 Brock Hall was the first one to get put out. $100 from WW Express (Jason Walker 247 2/Barrel-Crate class). 

• Oakley’s Napa Parts Store, Florence, AL .. case of oil and filter to the car in third position on lap six (Cale Finley #36) went to C97 Tyler Wood .. plus caps to give away. 

• Nave Motorsports 
$50 to car in 9th position on lap 9 .. went to #D21 Bradly Qualls 
$50 to 14th place finisher .. went to #B87 Brock Hall 
10th place finisher … 5 gallons of fuel 

• DCM Graphics (Charlie Ray Howell #75 2Barrel/Crate) T-shirt to car in 7th position on lap five .. went to #11 Ricky Cothran. 

Other Sponors who made donations: 
• Rogersville Hardware, Rogersville, AL (sponsor on Tony’s #14 car) 
• O’Reilly’s of Rogersville, AL 
• Lance Brannon, Eldgin, AL 
• Pizza Place in Loretto, TN 
• Spurgeon’s Radiator & Automotive, Leoma, TN 

SPECIAL THANKS to all of you for your help. Your donations to this special event meant so much to the Tony Simmons family and to the racers, Thank You!! 

Mini Stock: 

1. #4 John Duncan Heat #1 winner Columbia, TN 
2. #54 Craig Pedrick 
3. #2 Dillon Scott 
4. #24 Alex Cervantes Heat #2 winner 
5. #P10 Chauncey Parson 
6. #99 Bobby Hickman, Jr 
7. #13 Fletcher Lindsey 
8. #27 Scotty West 

DNS: #7 Darryl Haywood, #14 Bobby Hickman 

Alex Cervantes led from the drop of the green thru lap six but it would be John Duncan making the pass and leading laps seven thru fifteen for his second win of the season in a caution free, four minute race. 

Street Stock:

1. #‎C4 Black  Chris Gray Heat #1 winner Mt. Pleasant, TN 
2. #22 Michael Estes 
3. #4 Cheryl Shrader 
4. #71 Matthew Parker 
5. #76 Phillip Counts 
6. #s4 Scotty Dial Heat #2 winner 
7. ‪#37 Justin Hill 
8. #26 Derek Reynolds 
9. #40 Henry Smithson 
10. #13 Austin Blade 
11. #R13 Randy Horne 
12. #78 Shane Workman 
DNS:#C4 red Steve Riggins 
Chris Gray goes flag to flag for his seventh win of the season at Thunderhill Raceway Park. The only caution came on lap ten for the spin of Scotty Dial.  

NeSmith Street Stock: 

1. #15 Trevor Woodard Heat winner Mt. Pleasant, TN 
2. #27 Thomas Dale 
3. #40 Kevin Pack 
4. #10x Jansen Woodard 

DNS: #10 Jimmy Woodard, #M17 Trent McCrory 

Trevor Woodard also goes flag to flag to pick up win number seven of the season. The only caution in this one came on lap two for the spin of Kevin Pack. They ran this one in five minutes. 
*Please, keep Jimmy Woodard #10 in your prayers. He was involved in a wreck in his heat race and has a broken foot and is in lots of pain. Praying he has a speedy recovery. 

During intermission we had bike races for the kids. Three different age groups: 
Age 3 & 4 … winner was Andrew Cockrell from Summertown, TN (his dad, BIG A, Brent Cockrell raced the #246 in Outlaw Stock) 
Ages 5 to 8 .. winner was Brylee Green 
Ages 9 to 12 .. winner was Logan Hickerson from Linden, TN ( his dad is #98 Eric Hickerson in 2Barrel/Crate) 
Congratulations on your win and thanks to ALL of the bike participants. 
SPECIAL THANKS TO DCM GRAPHICS, they donated ALL the youth shirts for the kids! 

Mark Your Calendars!!! 
• August 20th - Street Stock 
$500 to win ($25 entry fee) 

• August 27th - Mini Stock 
$1000 to win ($50 entry fee) 

• Sept. 3rd … SAS $4000 to win Super Late Model Show plus BOX CAR RACES (sponsored by: Maury Farmers Co-op)