>>> Thunderhill Raceway Results for June 11th, 2016 <<<

Street Stock: 

1. ‪#‎C4‬ Chris Gray Heat winner Mt. Pleasant, TN
2. #37 Justin Hill ‬ 
3. #32 Jackie McKennon ‬‬ ‬‬ 
4. ‬‬‪#‎23v‬ David Vandygriff 
5. ‬‬#70 Cheryl Shrader 
6. #26L Carl Langford 
7. #99 Billy Hammands 
8. ‬#R13 Randy Horn 

DNS: #4 Albert Rich 

Chris Gray goes flag to flag to pick up win number four of the season in the Street Stock class. 


1. #11 Ricky Cothran Mt. Pleasant, TN …. FIRST FEATURE WIN
2. ‪#‎ z76 Randy Zeigler 
3. #J73‬ Jason Kelley 
4. #L26 John Langford Heat winner 
5. ‬‬#‎B87‬ Brock Hall 
6. #94 Oakley Gillespie

DQ: #88 John Floyd 

What a race these guys put on!! John Langford led from the drop of the green thru lap twelve, Ricky Cothran led lap thirteen, Langford lap fourteen; but it would be Cothran fifteen thru twenty for his FIRST feature win!! Awesome racing!! 

2 Barrel/Crate: Qualifying times: 

1. #21M Cody Martin 12.428 Christina, TN
2. #C66 Donald Johns 12.615
3. #1 Keenan Vandygriff 12.637 
4. #13V Kaleb Vandygriff 13.079
5. #00 Justin Cross 12.992
6. #22H Chad Harrah 13.569
7. #1R Jason Walker 13.650 
8. #1B Greg Love 12.476

DNS: #28 Justin Maxwell 12.683 

With four lead changes between three drivers … what a show! Greg Love took charge at the drop of the green and held it thru lap seven then the fan ripped the power steering hose off of the top of the steering rack, lost power steering going into turn 1 and ended his night. What a tough break! Cody Martin took up the lead and held it thru lap ten, Donald Johns led lap eleven but it would be Martin twelve thru twenty for his fourth win of the season. 

Hot Shot: 

1. #‎c11‬ Melissa Cothran Mt. Pleasant, TN 
2. #33 Hunter Runions
3. ‪#6 Steph Gray ‬‬ 
4. #42 Nickolas Hodge 
5. #7 Daniel Walls Heat winner 
6. #8 Payton Holland 
7. #T44 Gerry LaRue 
8. #10 Randall Johnson 
9. #44 Taylor Clark 

With three different leaders … another great race! Steph Gray led the first three laps, Daniel Walls led laps four thru twelve, then going down the front stretch the close racing got a little to close as Gray made contact with Walls that unfortunately finished his night. At this point Melissa Cothran took up the lead and held it for the final three laps, with a side by side finish as Hunter Runions was beside her door as they took the checkered. That makes win number three for Cothran for the season. 

NeSmith Street Stock:

1. ‪#15 Trevor Woodard Heat winner Mt. Pleasant, TN
2. #10 Jimmy Woodard 
3. #40 Kevin Pack 
4. #‎10x‬ Jansen Woodard 

Trevor Woodard led green to checkered in the six-minute caution free race. This is Trevor’s second win of the season. 
Mini Stock:

1. #2 Dillon Scott Mt. Pleasant, TN
2. #12 Michael Chumley Heat #2 winner
3. #54 Craig Pedrick Heat #1 winner
4. #99 Bobby Hickman, Jr 
5. #0 Willie McElhiney 
6. #P10 Chauncey Parson 
7. #91 Brian Brasher 
8. #14 Bobby Hickman 
9. #1 Jr. Rowland 
10. #25 Blake Ramsey 
11. #1w Jason Walker 

DNS: #1 Bruce Odom 

This one may have been the last race of the event, but it also had the fans on their feet. Michael Chumley led from the drop of the green thru lap fifteen. Coming out of four for the checkered, Dillon Scott made the move of the night as he slipped by Chumley right at the checkered. It doesn’t get any better than this!!