>>> Thunderhill Raceway Results for May 14th, 2016 <<<

NeSmith Street Stock: 

1. #ip2 Joel Landers Heat winner Shelbyville, TN 
2. ‪#15 Trevor Woodard 
3. ‬‬#78 JJ Hall 
4. #27 Thomas Dale 
5. #‎10x‬ Jansen Woodard‬‬ 

Joel Landers from Shelbyville, Tennessee led the full fifteen laps for his first win of the season at Thunderhill Raceway Park in a three-minute, caution free race. 

Mini Stock:

1. #2 Dillon Scott Mt. Pleasant, TN 5th win 
2. #P10 Chauncey Parson Heat #1 winner 
3. #14 Bobby Hickman 
4. #23 Michael Giles 
5. #1 Justin Odom 
6. ‪#91 Brian Brasher 
7. #0 Willie McElhiney 
8. #99 Bobby Hickman, Jr. 
9. #4 John Duncan Heat #2 winner 

DNS: #1 Jr. Roland 

What a race these guys put on!! Chauncey Parson led from the drop of the green with John Duncan hot in tow, then on lap eight something let go on Duncan’s car that would take him to the pits and finish his night. Parson continued to hold on to the lead thru lap ‬‬twelve but at this point Dillon Scott had his own plans as he took charge of the final three circuits for his fifth win of the season. Awesome racing!! Scott is the point’s leader in this class. 

Mod Lite: 

1.#B1 Jody Brannon Chapel Hill, TN 
2.#11 Austin Cagle 
3.#16 Wayne Bush 

Jody Brannon from Chapel Hill, Tennessee would lead this one flag to flag for the win. 

Street Stock: 

1. ‪#4 Albert Rich Heat #1 winner Columbia, TN 
2. #‎C4‬ Chris Gray ‬‬ 
3. #76 Phillip Counts Heat #2 winner 
4. #37 Justin Hill 
5. # R13 Randy Horn 
6. #70 Cheryl Shrader 
7. ‬‬‪#‎39v‬ David Vandygriff 
8. ‬‬#T19 Tim Hobby 
9. #11 Shane Workman 
10. # 26L Carl Langford 

This race had fans on the edge of their seats, as Albert Rich led it flag to flag; but was feeling the heat from Chris Gray every lap with only inches between them. Same scene between Phillip Counts and Justin Hill … great racing from this whole division. Chris Gray was point’s leader going into this week. 

Emod: Qualifying Times: 

1. #20E Ethan Tanner 14.633 Lobelville, TN 
2. #26 Jamie Richardson 14.413 
3. #92 Blazz Trull 14.392 Heat #2 winner 
4. ‪ ‬‬#‎B87‬ Brock Hall‬‬ 16.304 
5. ‪#‎J73‬ Jason Kelley 15.761 
6. #11 Ricky Cothran 15.066 

DNS: ‬‬#T25 Bryce Trull 14.144, #24 Dewayne Gray -0- 
DQ: #07 Brian Vandygriff 14.085, #z76‬ Randy Zeigler 14.453, #D21 Bradley Qualls 13.867 Heat #1 winner 

Hard Charger Award $100 from Ethan Tanner Logging went to #26 Jamie Richardson. 
Fast Time Award $150 from Spurgeon’s Automotive & Radiator Repair went to #D21 Bradley Qualls. 
Bad Luck Award $100 from Spurgeon’s Automotive & Radiator Repair went to #T25 Bryce Trull. 
$ 25 extra to 2nd place finisher from Buffalo River Resort, Lobelville, TN from car #T25 of Bryce Trull went to #26 Jamie Richardson and 5th place finisher went to #J73 Jason Kelley, also from car T25 of Bryce Trull and Buffalo River Resort (canoeing/kayaking). 
$25 extra to 6th place finisher from Ms. Loretto Lynn from car #92 Blazz Trull went to Ricky Cothran and Last Car on lead lap was #26 Jamie Richardson who picked up and extra $25 from All Around Underground Directional Drilling also from car #92 of Blazz Trull. 

The Emod $1000 to win special had one restart, after Blazz Trull went over turn two. On the restart it was Bradley Qualls green to checkered in a ten-minute caution free twenty-five lapper. After postrace inspection there were several position changes .. including the winner. Qualls was DQ and the winner of his FIRST FEATURE race was Ethan Tanner. After a couple of more DQ’s the last car on the lead lap became your second place finisher. All of these guys put on a great show. 

Crate/2Barrel: Qualifying Times: 

1. #21M Cody Martin 12.287 Christina, TN 
2. #28 Justin Maxwell 12.286 
3. #34 Shane Echols 12.836 
DNS: #X1 Tom Higgins 13.902, #1 Jason Walker 15.237, #1 Greg Love -0- 
Point’s leader, Cody Martin, led flag to flag to pick up his third win of the season at Thunderhill Raceway Park in a three-minute caution free race. 

Hot Shot: 

1. ‪#‎c11‬ Melissa Cothran Heat winner Mt. Pleasant, TN 
2. #6 Steph Gray ‬‬ 
3. #07 Nick Vandygriff 

DNS: #8 Payton Holland 

Melissa Cothran led green to checkered to pick up her second win of the season in a three-minute caution free race.