>>> Thunderhill Raceway Results for April 23rd, 2016 <<<

Ballenger Goes Ballistic @ Thunderhill UCRA Crate

Rusty Ballenger 25, of Seymour, Tennessee never laid eyes on Thunderhill Raceway Park until Saturday afternoon as the United Crate Racing Alliance rolled into the middle Tennessee 1/4 mile high banked oval for Round # 3 of the 2016 Championship season. That fact didn't slow down the # 29 "Tennessee Metal Fabrixation, Floyd's, Service Plus Garage Doors, SEC Electric" sponsored racer who raced from third back to the top spot passing both heat race winners in the process of the 40 lap feature, Ballenger set Performance Racing Engines fast time of sixteen (16) entrants earning the $100 bonus but it was fellow East Tennesseeian Forrest Trent grabbing the win of heat race # 1 over Ballenger for the pole start of the feature. Local Middle Tennessee hot-show Eric Hickerson won heat # 2 placing two rows of guys never before racing at Thunderhill against a pair of racers very familiar to the high-banks.

Trent and Hickerson dragged raced the first two laps of the feature side by side and just as it seemed the Cat-Birds Seat might prevail for Hickerson, Trent got command. The race went viciously; clean, mean and green for the first half, til Trent surfed up the front stretch wall under the flagstand to rear the races only caution. Ballenger had made work of Hickerson as local favorite and two-time 2016 Thunderhill (Raceway Park) winner Cody Martin raced David Earl Gentry, Ryan King and Jimmy Elliott for top 5 honors. On the restart Ballenger took off like a Bat outta Hades leaving Hickerson and Martin battling. Towards the end Gentry, Kenny Kizzar and Josh Cherry slowed but it was all over by then with Ballenger collecting his second checkers (Boyd's 4/15) in as many weeks. Newman would earn the $100 Performance Masters Inc. Hard Charger Award.

Round # 3 Official Results                                                  Qualifying times:

 1.Rusty Ballenger # 29 of Seymour, TN                         12.307
 2.Eric Hickerson # 98 of Linden, TN                12.309
 3.Cody Martin # 21M of Christana, TN *                       12.583
 4.Ryan King # 30 of Anniston, AL *                                 12.619
 5.Jimmy Elliott # J39 of Cleveland, TN *                        12.645
 6.Ashley Newman # 73 of Ripley, TN                             13.245
 7.Tyler Wood # 17JR of Lobelville, TN *                        12.743
 8.Michael Smith # 15 of Crossville, TN*                         12.698
 9.Robert Gant # 22 of Flat Rock, AL                                12.804
 10.Kaleb Vandygriff # 13V of Mt. Pleasant, TN            12.654
 11.Robert Ardry # 127 of Murfreesboro, TN               13.093
 12.Ronnie Cooper # 10 of Mckenzie, TN                       12.602
 13.Josh Cherry # J4 of Cuba, KY                                       13.606
 14.Kenny Kizzar # 157 of Graysville Mtn., TN               13.149
 15.David Earl Gentry # 2 of Shelbyville, TN                   12.740
 16. Forrest Trent # 101 of Knoxville, TN                       12.385

*Earned Invite to Season Finale $5,000 to-WIN Event October 8th, 2016 @ Fort Payne Motor Speedway
 Drivers List for Invitational: Going Into Round # 3:
 Riley Hickman, Ashley Newman, Rusty Ballenger, Eric Hickerson, Robert Gant, Jensen Ford, Jake Teague, Forrest Trent, Cory Hedgecock, Greg Martin

Street Stock:

 1. ‪#‎C4 Chris Gray         Mt. Pleasant, TN
 2. #4 Albert Rich
3. #22 Bubba Green
 4.  #T19 Tim Hobby             Heat winner
 5. #70 Cheryl Shrader
 6. #76 Phillip Counts
 7. ‪#‎39v David Vandygriff
DQ: #23 Alex McWilliams
After two restarts, what a race this one turned into as Albert Rich led the first eleven laps, Bubba Green led lap twelve then coming out of turn four Rich and Green got together, resulting in a flat for Green.  Chris Gray led the final three laps for his second win of the season.


1. #07 Brian Vandygriff   Heat winner …. Mt. Pleasant, TN
2. #‎T25 Bryce Trull
3.   #78 Adam Cannon
4. ‪  #11 Ricky Cothran
5.  #L26 John Langford
6. ‪#‎J73 Jason Kelley ‎
7. #z76 Bobbie Cothran
8. #20E Ethan Tanner
9. #‎B87 Brock Hall

This division put on a great show.  Brian Vandygriff led the first two laps, Bryce Trull led lap three, but it would be Vandygriff four thru twenty for his third win of the season.

Hot Shot:

 1. #07 Nick Vandygriff        Heat winner …. Mt. Pleasant, TN
2. #7 Daniel Walls               
3. #8 Peyton Holland
4. #4 Steph Gray
 5. ‪#‎c11 Melissa Cothran
6.  #07B Larry Vandygriff   

Melissa Cothran led the first five laps on this one but it would be Nick Vandygriff taking laps six thru fifteen for his first win of the season.

 NeSmith Street Stock:
1. #40 Kevin Pack            Heat winner …. Ethridge, TN
2. ‪#‎10x Jansen Woodard

 DNS: #15 Trevor Woodard
DQ:  #10 Jimmy Woodard

Jimmy Woodard led flag to flag in a six minute caution free race, only to be DQed at post race inspection.  Kevin Pack took the win.

 Mini Stock:          
 1. #2 Dillon Scott                 Heat winner … Mt. Pleasant, TN
 2. #54 Craig Pedrick                          
 3. ‪#‎P10 Chauncey Parson                 
 4. #99 Bobby Hickman, Jr                 
 5. #14 Bobby Hickman                        
 6. ‪#91 Brian Brasher #      
 7. #00 Austin Blade                           
 8. #1 Jason Walker
The deuce IS on the loose at Thunderhill Raceway Park!!  Dillon Scott led the full fifteen laps to pick up his third win of the season.               
2 Barrel:

1. #1 Keenan Vandygriff         Mt. Pleasant, TN
2. #85 Mitch Thornton
3. #102 Dustin Stutts
4. #1R Jason Walker

Keenan Vandygriff from Mt. Pleasant, TN led the full twenty laps to pick up his first feature win in this division.

Our flag was flying at half staff this week in memory of Charlie Floyd.  Drivers, fans, staff and owners extend their heart felt smypthy to this family in their time of grief.