>>> Thunderhill Raceway Results for April 2nd, 2016 <<<


1. #03 Justin Odom Columbia, TN 
2. #05 Burton Graham 

NeSmith Street Stock: 

1. #15 Trevor Woodard Heat winner 
2. #10 Jimmy Woodard 
3. #40 Kevin Pack 
4. #10x Jansen Woodard 

Trevor Woodard from Mt. Pleasant, TN led the full fifteen laps of this caution free race in three minutes for his first win of the season. 

Mini Stock: 

1. #2 Dillon Scott 
2. #P10 Chauncey Parson 
3. #4 John Duncan Heat winner
4. #1 Jason Walker 
5. #91 Brian Brasher 
DNS: #54 Craig Pedrick 

Dillon Scott from Mt. Pleasant, TN led green to checkered to take win number one of the season. The only caution came on lap twelve for the spin of Brian Brasher in turn three. 

2Barrel/Crate: Qualifying times: 

1. #28 Justin Maxwell 13.56
2. #13v Kaleb Vandygriff 13.11 
3. #1 Keenan Vandygriff 13.48 
4. #444 Clay Eddy 14.86 
5. #R70 William Wade -0- 
6. #1R Jason Walker 15.53 
7. #22 Derrick Powell 14.53 
8. #14 Jamie Williams 14.90 
9. #88 Cody Springer 13.63 

One restart in this one as Cody Springer went off turn three; then returned to the track dropping fluid with this ending his night. On lap nine, track caution for debris; then the final caution came on lap sixteen for the spin as the lap car of Jason Walker and leader Justin Maxwell made contact coming out of turn four. Kaleb Vandygriff led the first ten laps but it would be Maxwell taking laps eleven thru twenty for his first win of the season. Maxwell is from Spring Hill, TN. 

Street Stock: 

1. #6 William Collins, Jr. Heat winner 
2. #23 Alex McWilliams 
3. #44 Cody Lovett 
DNS: #4 Albert Rich, #C4 Chris Gray 

What a battle … four lead changes between three different drivers! Cody Lovett led the first four laps, William Collins, Jr. led laps five thru seven, Alex McWilliams led laps eight thru eleven but it would be Collins taking the final circuit for the win, he is from Pegram, TN. The only caution came on lap four when Lovett dropped fluid. 


1. #07 Brian Vandygriff Heat winner 
2. #z76 Randy Zeigler 
3. #11 Richard Cothran 
4. #12B Ron Bailey 
5. #K73 Jason Kelley 
6. #B87 Brock Hall 
DNS: #24 Dewayne Gray 

Brian Vandygriff from Mt. Pleasant, TN led flag to flag (20 laps) in a five minute, caution free race for his first win of the season. 

Hot Shot: 

1. #c11 Melissa Cothran 
2. #7 Daniel Walls 

Melissa Cothran from Mt. Pleasant, TN led green to checkered in a caution free race for her FIRST win!